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"Inside the plain, grey, nondescript cover of Childsong is a work of literary genius.... Once you become engrossed in the story, and you will, you will not put this book down."
— Reader Views

Childsong is a well-written coming-of-age novel with a deft criticism of the current generation, a top pick for any community-library fiction collections.”
— Midwest Book Review

“For readers who love the art of words and who can relate to the disappointments and struggles of adolescence and early adulthood, it is a gem.”
— Minnesota Literature

Childsong stirs the emotions, and Polson creates a story line that makes you angry, sympathetic, empathetic and sad all at the same time. This is a creative book - to say the least - and one that will require your full attention.”
— Rebecca’s Reads

"One of those rare books that will change the way you think."
— Book Reporter: Word of Mouth

Plot Summary

Childsong tells the story of a group of first-year students at a small liberal-arts college in the Midwest who all eventually self-destruct because of their selfish, Me-Generation attitude. Hypocrisy, rampant hedonism, jealousy, and even total despair provide the stark psychological framework in which events unfold. Some survive better than others, while only one can finally rise above his egotism through poetry to find redemption in hope and compassion.

This novel explores the troubled territory of adolescence and early adulthood.